DIY Deep Learning Machine Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti CUDA

I want build an new Deep Learning Machine to replace the existing old Intel Xeon node.

For Better Power Efficiency, I will build the new GPU system inside of CPU.
The old Intel Xeon just too much for a home lab hydro bill.

Here are the parts list and price I paid in CAD.

[table id=1 /]

The reason I pick Geforce GTX 750 Ti is the performance per watt and performance per dollar.

The GeForce 700 series are first generation Maxwell-based chip.
GM107-chips have 1305.6 Single Precision Gflops on paper.

I could go with GeForce 900 Series, but the price and power consume just not good enough for me.
Do your own math on
Using [Processing Power]/[TDP]

Also few points:
I choice Standard not the OC [OverClock] version for stable reason.
I choice CentOS 7 for stable reason.

This is how I installed the CUDA 7.5 package.

Then install the CUDA samples:

Check the device:

Run CUDA nbody performance testing 4X times: