How to put Cache into RamDisk

I recently upgrade memory on working PC.
Want put cache into Ramdisk and save some life of SSD.

The Ramdisk Application I am using is: SoftPerfect RAM Disk.

Here are my changes:

    1. Put Google Chrome Cache into RamDisk:

    1. Put Firefox Cache into RamDisk:

    1. Put VLC Media Player ART into RamDisk:

    1. Put Microsoft Edge Cache into RamDisk:

I accident delete the Edge profile folder.

Do not delete the top folder!

Recovery from PowerShell:

    1. Redirect the Temp folder even I change the Windows TEMP Path:

    1. Thumbcache folder can’t be redirect!

CentOS 7 install PostgreSQL 9.2.7 with data files on SSD

CentOS 7 is much much newer than 6, highly recommended fro any new “Enterprise” build.

It came with the PostgreSQL is 9.2.7, the latest stable is 9.3.5 from at this moment.
I say 9.2 is good enough for me considering the works RedHat has been done to make it fit.

To install it is super easy:

Mount the data directory on SSD

First check the permission:

Add in /etc/fstab:

Mount it manually:

Change the permission:

And don’t forget reboot check permission:

CentOS 7 add new SSD in LVM format XFS

Got sometime with CentOS 7 recently.

Try to add an New SSD into system.
I know to get the best performance should avoid LVM, but for easy extend I will using LVM here.

First make sure you are using newer fdisk (added SSD alignment support after 2.17), CentOS 7 came with 2.23.2.

Create partition and change the flag to LVM (e8):

Create PV

Display PV

Create VG

Create LV using all free space available on the VG just created

Format in XFS

Found /dev/mapper for mounting:

Update /etc/fstab

Mount it:

To check SSD alignment:
Looking at the Start Sector, should be 2048 not 63!