Postfix qmgr process causes heavy overload on RHEL 6

A RHEL 6 Server running some web service not Email service.

This morning found under heavy I/O delay.

Try check it out by:

The Postfix qmgr process causes heavy overload, which doesn’t make any sense to me.

Have to check the mail queue.

which give me over 40K queued emails.

by reading them, here is same example:

It turn’s out that one of the cron job runs every minute did not have a proprietary MAIL to settings.

Then purge all old emails both postfix queue and local mail:

Just want make it more clean, I try to remove the postfix package:

The cron require at lease one MTA on system.
Because we had smart host Email internal.
I did install my favorite SSMTP inside of sendmail.

First Backup the /etc/postfix

Setup the /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf, did small test.

Everything looks good.

Please notice the server is not serve as an EMail server.


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